Wife Gets Sweet Revenge on Cheating Husband in Newspaper Ad (PHOTO)

What would you do if your husband impregnated another woman? Divorce him? Throw his shit on the lawn? Slash his tires? All of the above? How about place an ad in a newspaper congratulating the happy couple? That's what Timeshia Brown, who claims to be the wife of Patrick Brown, decided to do when apparently Patrick knocked up his bit on the side, Shara Cormier. And honestly I can't think of a better way to do it.


Here's the congratulations ad:

We've seen these "revenge postings" before. There's VeeVee, who went on a scathing Twitter and Internet tear over her cheating hubby. There's the wife who used her husband's affair to sell their house. And lest you think it's only men who step out, there was the husband who sent his wife's cheating sexts to her lover's coworkers. Sigh. Love be crazy!

But Timeshia does it with such class -- albeit some passive-aggressiveness too. Hey, who can blame her? I can be against these online shame-the-cheater scenarios when they just make the scorned spouse look slightly insane. There's no doubt that being cheated on is horrible and devastating, but when you take it to an extreme, it can backfire and make it look like, No wonder the poor dude cheated.

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That stuff sticks around forever, and in a few years, when you're pretty much over it, or even thankful to be rid of the douchenozzle, a Google search will still bring up your unhinged rage -- for future employers, for your children, for your future dates, to find.

But this one was done in such a short, sweet way, with no threats or out-of-control nastiness, that it only reflects well on her and poorly on them. Which is the way it should be.

Back in the day, a couple like that might have been shamed by the village elders -- now the Internet is the village elders. The Internet can get it wrong and shame people when it doesn't know all of the facts, but it seems like society needs to be able to shame people now and again, and if that means the Internet needs to do it, well, then so be it.

I hope Timeshia is much happier without this jerkwad. In fact, judging by her ad, maybe she was quite glad to hand off the reins. And to Shara: If they'll cheat with you, they'll cheat on you. Good luck to you, girl. You'll need it.

What do you think of the ad?


Image via Kavien/Reddit

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