Your Boyfriend Could Be Fooling You With His ‘Thoughtful’ Text Messages (VIDEO)

man textingYou're spending another night at home, watching The Bachelor with your favorite fuzzy slippers and ice cream, when you hear that happy little ding. A message from your boyfriend! "Hey Snookums, hope you're having fun watching your fave show! See you tomorrow!" Aww, a message from your boyfriend. You know he's texting you from the office, where he's working late, or he'd be there jeering at Juan Pablo with you. OR IS HE? How do you know it's not ... The BroApp?


Have you heard of this? The BroApp lets guys automate messages to their girlfriends, wives, and significant others just to make you think they're thinking about you. But really, they're out on the town with their bros (hence the name of the app). Or avoiding another tedious night of The Bachelor.

Don't think you'd be fooled? The developer's girlfriend didn't think she'd be, but he tested it out on her and she was. The messages are customizable, so you can send something in your own words, instead of some canned phrase she'd see through immediately.

What if you end up hanging out together at the last minute, just when he has a message scheduled to be sent? The sneaky technology will sniff that out as well. It can sense when a guy is at his girl's house and will cancel the message.

Holy geez, they thought of everything!

Okay, so let's talk about the obvious worst-case scenario here. A man could totally use this to cheat on you. He's off snogging some other woman, and you'll never suspect. Why? Because he just texted you, you naive little fool! Ugh, thanks so much for eroding trust, BroApp guys.

Now that I think of it, I SHOULDN'T EVEN BE WRITING ABOUT THIS APP! I'm just spreading the distrust. Ugh!

Best-case scenario? Supposedly this app gets couples communicating more. It's kind of like a reminder to men to text nice messages to their S.O.s. I guess. “In general the recipient girlfriends were surprised that the messages were automatic, but said they loved receiving them at the time," claims one of the developers. WHATEVER.

The good news? For now, BroApp is available only on Android. (Ha! Women dating iPhone users, we're safe for now.) The even-better news? The developers say they're working on SisterApp. See? There's some justice in the world.

Would you be able to tell the difference between a "real" message and an automated message from your boyfriend?


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