6 Things You Shouldn’t Ask Your Husband at the ‘Most Honest’ Time of the Day

If you want an honest answer from someone, don't wait until after lunch or -- heaven forbid -- after dinner. According to a new study, our chances of lying about anything increase and our morality takes a serious dip as the day wears on. In fact, 20 to 50 percent of people are more likely to cheat on tests in the afternoon. Researchers are blaming the fact that we simply get tired and more drained as the hours unfold.

None of this is too surprising, but one takeaway those of us in relationships can gain from this bit of news is that we should never, under any circumstances, ask our husbands or boyfriends the following 6 questions at the breakfast table -- not unless you're prepared for sheer, brutal honesty.


1. Where did you go last Tuesday with your friends? He already told you: he went out for a quiet dinner. Which is what all guys do when they get together with their friends, of course.

2. Did you actually make the baby dinner from scratch when I was out or did you open up a jar of food from the grocery store? Answer: the baby ate processed strained peaches that didn't see the inside of your food processor first. Let it go -- at least you got to get out of the house.

3. Do you think I'm fat? No, but I think you're crazy for asking such a thing. And, if it's 8 in the morning, I may be honest enough to answer that you're not fat, but your "plump cheeks" are just so darn cute. Which isn't at all what you want to hear.

4. What do you really think of my mother? If you have to ask the question, chances are he is super smart for keeping his actual thoughts about dear old mom to himself. Don't force him to reveal them now.

5. Which of my friends would you date if we weren’t together? Is there any way for anyone to answer this question? What you're digging for is the reply, "No one is as amazing as you." But even you know your friend Amy is pretty cute, so if you're expecting him to be honest, why would you think he hasn't noticed her too?

6. Do you REALLY like my new haircut/outfit? Save yourself the time and energy. Unless you've shaved off your head, he hasn't noticed. And unless you're married to Marc Jacobs and rely on his style savvy to make you a snappier dresser, that's probably for the best.

Has your husband or boyfriend ever responded to one of your questions with brutal honesty?


Image via Katie Tegtmeyer/Flickr

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