Sex Could Make You Smarter But There's a Catch

sexyWe've all heard about the many so-called benefits of sex: it decreases stress, burns calories, and some docs say it can even improve bladder control. Seriously. But the latest research on getting busy may be the most surprising pro-sex finding yet. According to psychologists from the University of Maryland, having sex makes you more intelligent. You read that right. Bumping uglies basically makes you a lot smarter and sharpens your cognitive abilities. That may be true -- who am I to argue with science -- but there is no denying that the pursuit of sex turns most people into total idiots.


Think about it. How many people do you know who have done stupid things in an attempt to get it on? And it's not just horny teens (though they probably make up a good 60 percent of this group). It's as though the chance of coitus makes the average person lose all common sense.

Want proof? I don't have a big, scientific study to back up my hypothesis. I'm just relying on the world around me to prove this particular, if not obvious, point. Let's start out with those folks who are so wrapped up in their lust, they can't wait until they get inside closed doors. Most of the time this turns into a fun memory for the randy pair, laughing about the steering wheel burn on her back. So romantic. But let's not forget all the passersby who got in on the action too ... or that creepy guy videotaping you on his smartphone. 

Speaking of video, what about that sex tape you are destined to regret? Sure, it sounds hot enough during foreplay, so you press record and let it roll. Big mistake -- something you come to realize after you've broken up and he or she shares it with the world.

Next up: those horny co-workers. Who needs an apartment or a bed when you can have sex in the company stairwell or the break room? It may have been hot to you, but it was totally gross to those who found the used condoms you left behind. Guess who eventually got caught and canned?!

And here's a special shout-out to the couple who had sex in the bathroom of the nice restaurant I hired a babysitter for. First of all, no bathroom is that nice. It's just gross. And if you think that door is sound-proof, think again, perverts. Thanks for ruining my appetite.

Good thing all that sex will make these folks so smart. Maybe next time they will make better choices.

Do you think sex can really make us smarter?


Image via Gabriel S. Delgado C./Flickr

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