6 Secrets of What Makes a Happy Marriage

coupleThe secret to a happy marriage has long eluded couples. The staggering divorce rate is certainly proof of that. The traditional way our grandparents went about married life just doesn't work these days. So what does? Mystery solved thanks to the folks over at Happify. They have discovered the Science Behind a Happy Relationship. It's actually a recipe for how to make your marriage last, and you know what, it just may work. Take notes!


Some facts didn't come as a huge surprise. For example, having a friendship with your spouse creates more satisfaction when it comes to love, sex, romance, and passion. Though you may be stunned to find out just how much sex you need to have to keep out of divorce court. 

Bedroom Behavior: The happiest couples get it on two to three times a week. But if that's too much nookie for you, those who had sex even once a week had more positive feelings about their marriage than those that didn't.

Pat on the Back: The strongest couples openly celebrate each other's good news and triumphs. They show enthusiasm, ask questions, and offer sincere congratulations.

Explore: Nothing bonds you like experiencing new things, whether that be sky diving or traveling to a new country. Couples who did this report feeling more loved and supported.

Crack Each Other Up: If you can't recall a moment where you shared a laugh, you are in trouble. Couples who share funny memories have better relationships. 

Your Fighting Style Matters: Happy couples show humor, express affection, and concede on certain points when they argue. This diffuses tension, making for an easier way to form a resolution. Unhappy couples criticize, show contempt, roll their eyes, act defensively, and name call.

The Little Ones: The happiest couples don't have children. Sad but true. It's easy to see why, though. The responsibilities of kids and family are an endless source of stresses that can weigh heavily on a relationship. For those who do have kids, 67 percent reported a drop in happiness. But all hope is not lost. Marriage satisfaction rose once the kids were grown and out of the house!

Take a look at Happify's amazing infographic. It lays it all out.

The Science Behind a Happy Relationship by Happify.com


Do you think any of these will save your marriage?


Images via Happify and Kate Hiscock/Flickr

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