Conan O'Brien Learns Where That 'Secret' Spot Is in Hilarious Sex Lesson (VIDEO)

Forget using realistic models -- sex expert Jennifer Berman proved on Conan this week that it's so simple to find a woman's G-Spot, she could demonstrate how to do so using a PVC pipe! Berman made host Conan O'Brien visibly nervous when she pulled out the gigantic apparatus and proceeded to challenge him to demonstrate how he could find what many believe is the most erogenous spot on (or in) a woman's body. He refused to do so, which makes us a little suspicious, but no matter -- Jennifer got right to work and showed the men in America how they could make their women very happy this Valentine's Day weekend.


For those who don't know, pay close attention because this is important stuff. According to Jennifer, the G-spot is located right behind the vaginal wall -- about 2 inches in -- and feels like a raisin or orange peel. The best way to "find" it is to insert two fingers into the vagina and make what is commonly called the "come hither" signal with them. Got all that? Good, because that's all it takes!

Honestly, I've known women who enjoy having their G-spots explored and those that just hate it and say it makes them feel like they're about to urinate. If it's not for you, hey, different strokes for different folks.

But if you've always been curious about it, or wish your man would step up to the plate and try to find this mysterious spot, this video provides a clear -- though odd and funny -- tutorial on how to locate the G-Spot. Enjoy!

Do you have any good or bad G-spot experiences you can share? Do you think this video could help men?


Image via YouTube

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