Google's Valentine Doodle Gets Mushy With Candy Hearts & Real Love Stories

The Internet is wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day today, via Google. The Google doodle has been replaced by images of candy conversation hearts, and when you click on each one, you’ll hear a different tale of love from real people.

As the stories are told, adorable little animations appear on each heart. The audio is from Ira Glass of “This American Life,” and each story is touching in its own way.


There’s a tale of middle school love, in which a tween boy talks about the girl he likes -- she had asked him out 20 minutes earlier at a school dance. He wisely observes that middle school relationships don’t tend to last: “You don’t hear things about middle school sweethearts.”

At the other end of the spectrum is a woman who was overcome with doubt and fear that she’d made a mistake on the morning after her wedding. “Just all of a sudden, the enormity of it ... almost crushed me,” she shares. She went for a walk to clear her head and ended up staying out until it got dark. When she got home, he husband did something that made her realize he was worth sticking it out for. She concludes, “That was 42 years ago, and since then, I have never questioned. Never.”

There are more sweet tellings of love too. From crushes to first kisses to realizing you want to be with someone until you die. Head on over to Google’s home page to hear them all.

When did you realize you were in love?

Image via Google

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