7 Ways Women Ruin a First Impression With a Guy

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That old adage is right -- you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. That's especially true when it comes to dating. Usually we hear of disastrous attempts at flirting by guys. But they aren't the only ones who err when approaching a potential mate. Women can certainly put their foot in their mouth too -- according to men, that is. So I polled a few men to find out things that women say that send them running the other way. Their answers ranged from the silly to the downright ridiculous. But this is how they actually think, ladies, so take note.

  1. "If a woman asks me what I do for a living when I first meet her, I tell her something totally unimpressive. That's a sign that she's just interested in money and how much I make. The real deal: This guy is so far off base, he should be floating in outer space. We ask what you do because it's where you spend 85 percent or your time. It actually shows that we are interested in you as a person. A real gold digger would ask what kind of car you drive or scope out what kind of watch you wear. 
  2. "Don't bring up your kids or show me pictures of them on your phone. Such a turn-off." The real deal: Fair enough. You don't want to talk about her kids. But be grateful that she is up front about it and not trying to hide her real life from you until after she has you hooked.
  3. "When a woman reapplies her makeup in front of me, it's like, 'Why are you so vain? Give it a rest.'" The real deal: Please. Like you haven't run your fingers through your hair eight times making sure that growing bald spot is covered."
  4. "Brag about all the places she's traveled." The real deal: Jealous much. You should appreciate a worldly cultured woman. 
  5. "If she texts someone, she loses major points." The real deal: Sorry. Didn't realize we were playing a game. Guys, I will deduct you some points for leering at that busty bartender all night.
  6. "If she's dressed too, let's just say, provocatively." The real deal: Just say "slutty" why don't ya. Admit it, you are intimidated by her confidence or the fact that every other guy wants to talk to her too.
  7. "She keeps glancing over at her girlfriends." The real deal: You are just being self-concious. It totally bugs you that her friends may think you are a total tool or not good enough.

What are other ways women you know sabotage a first impression?


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