11 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Newly Heartbroken

Sheri Reed | Jan 20, 2018 Love & Sex
11 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Newly Heartbroken
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The newly heartbroken have enough to endure around Valentine's Day without having to deal with the rest of us rubbing their noses in a bunch of sparkly pink, heart-shaped crap. For just this reason, we've rounded up the best gift ideas for friends and loved ones who find their hearts blackened with the horror, hate, and despair of a fresh breakup on February 14.

Valentine's Day comes once a year no matter what. It doesn't care if our hearts are crushed, if we're signing our final divorce papers, or that it's been just two days since we just caught him cheating ... with his ex. There's no escaping the public lovefest. Bouquets show up around the office at work, there are fully red and pink aisles at Target (ruining the whole point of shopping therapy), and just make it stop with The Notebook marathons this time of year! 

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So, as they say, can't beat 'em, join 'em! And that's why we put together this fresh list of anti-Valentine's Day gifts for those of us who are feeling lonely, sad, bitter, or like just getting a little drunk over the whole idea of LOVE this year. Here we go -- 11 of the best anti–Valentine's Day gifts for those who find themselves in need. 

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