20 Romantic Movies That Could Save a Rocky Relationship

Adriana Velez | Feb 12, 2014 Love & Sex

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Looking for the perfect excuse to get a significant other to watch a rom-com? Try this one out: It's actually good for a relationship. Couples who watch movies about relationships together, and discuss them together, are half as likely to split up as other couples. In fact, watching (and discussing, don't forget that part!) as a pair is just as effective as couples counseling. Trust us, a rom-com can be good for love! 

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And obviously it's way more fun. And the outfits are usually better. And there's awesome music. And hot guys. And -- okay, everyone gets the point. For those who are looking for the perfect date night movie list -- for the good of a relationship, of course -- here's our list of favorites. From Sleepless in Seattle to Say Anything, Casablanca, and The Way We Were, these are some of our favorite movies. They're not all happy endings, but they'll definitely give a couple a lot to talk about.

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So the next time a fight breaks out between action films and rom-coms, make a hard case for the romantic comedy. Read on to see which rom-coms made our list of favorites -- and make sure to put them on the old Netflix queue! 

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