20 Romantic Movies That Could Save a Rocky Relationship

Adriana Velez | Feb 12, 2014 Love & Sex
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Looking for the perfect excuse to get a significant other to watch a rom-com? Try this one out: It's actually good for a relationship. Couples who watch movies about relationships together, and discuss them together, are half as likely to split up as other couples. In fact, watching (and discussing, don't forget that part!) as a pair is just as effective as couples counseling. Trust us, a rom-com can be good for love! 

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And obviously it's way more fun. And the outfits are usually better. And there's awesome music. And hot guys. And -- okay, everyone gets the point. For those who are looking for the perfect date night movie list -- for the good of a relationship, of course -- here's our list of favorites. From Sleepless in Seattle to Say Anything, Casablanca, and The Way We Were, these are some of our favorite movies. They're not all happy endings, but they'll definitely give a couple a lot to talk about.

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So the next time a fight breaks out between action films and rom-coms, make a hard case for the romantic comedy. Read on to see which rom-coms made our list of favorites -- and make sure to put them on the old Netflix queue! 

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  • Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight


    Castle Rock Entertainment

    Watch a relationship evolve over 20 years and three movies, from innocently meeting to middle-aged and fighting. This trilogy just won Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, and Ethan Hawke the Critics' Choice Genius Award.

  • Some Kind of Wonderful


    Paramount Pictures

    Carrying a torch for the wrong one? Missing the love that's right in front of you? CRUSHING ON YOUNG GINGER ERIC STOLTZ?!?

  • Sleepless in Seattle


    TriStar Pictures

    Because sometimes a blind date actually does work out.

  • Casablanca


    Warner Bros.

    Woll of all the gin joints in all the towns! They'll always have Paris.

  • Say Anything


    20th Century Fox

    Boombox as the ultimate romantic gesture -- swoon.

  • 500 Days of Summer


    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Come on, Zooey did Joseph a favor by stomping all over his heart. That's what you get for falling for the original manic pixie girl.

  • The Way We Were


    Columbia Pictures

    Political and cultural opposites attract ... and eventually break up. But you'll enjoy the ride.

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    Focus Features

    What if you could erase all memories of your ex from your mind -- would you really want to?

  • Love Story


    Paramount Pictures

    Love means ... no, screw it. Love means you DO still have to say sorry, Preppy.

  • Love Actually


    Universal Pictures

    So many relationships! So much love! Or lust! Or whatever this is!


  • An Affair to Remember


    20th Century Fox

    Ruh roh, two hotties engaged to other people meet, fall in love, and you'll have to see the movie to find out what happens.

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love


    Warner Brothers

    Young love, middle-aged love, and shirtless Ryan Gosling. You're welcome.

  • Pretty in Pink


    Paramount Pictures

    Poor Duckie, you never stood a chance. You've seen this '80s classic, right? No?!? Put it on your Netflix queue, now!

  • Brokeback Mountain


    River Road Entertainment

    How many of us have thought the same thing: I wish I could quit you.

  • Bonnie and Clyde


    Warner Brothers

    Who's your partner in crime?

  • Romeo + Juliet


    20th Century Fox

    There's a few movie versions of Shakespeare's play, but this is our favorite telling of the famously dysfunctional teenage tryst.

  • Friends With Benefits


    Sony Pictures

    Yeah, it's not hard to guess what happens here.

  • The Notebook


    New Line Cinema

    Oh look, it's Ryan Gosling again. I hear people like this movie. It's kind of famous or something?

  • Blue Valentine


    The Weinstein Company

    More Gosling, and here he breaks our hearts! Watch sober, but with a lot of chocolate.

  • When Harry Met Sally


    Columbia Pictures

    I mean, of course.

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