10 Snarky Valentine's Day eCards That Will Give You a Good Laugh (PHOTOS)

Whether you're single, taken, or single and wish you were taken -- Valentine's Day is still a holiday that you just can't avoid. Basically, this day is known for a whole lot of hype for no apparent reason. Sure, it's nice to get flowers from your significant other and feel special, but if you're genuinely happy in your relationship, is it really necessary? And if you're alone, is it really worth crying over your loneliness on this one day ... considering you were alone last night as well? (Harsh, but true.)

We need to stop taking this day so seriously ... and laugh a little. Which is exactly why I rounded up the top 10 most hilarious Valentine's Day eCards. Enjoy!

  • The Show-Off Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

    You better Instagram those roses before they die!


  • The Lonely Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

    Today will be over in 24 hours, calm down.


  • The Straight-to-the-Point Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

  • The Cheapskate Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

    Hey, times are tough.

  • The Sassy Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

    Preach, sister.

  • The Very Prepared Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

    All guys should start doing this.


  • The Fancy Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

    I'd like some information on this diamond diet.

  • The Bitter Betty Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

    We've all been there, Betty.

  • The Happy-Being-Alone Valentine


    Image via someecards.com

    Whatever works for you, dude.

  • The Twitter Valentine


    Image via someecards.com


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