Men Say This Sex Act Is Okay on the First Date but Should We Believe Them?

When they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus ... it's apparently because there's a lot more sex happening on Mars. A new survey indicates that 40 percent of men believe that sex or oral sex (they're not picky) on the first date is "appropriate" while less than 10 percent of women do. Wow, men and women really do live on different planets!


The survey doesn't define "appropriate" -- are we talking appropriate as in, "It's appropriate that 50 women surround me, drop their panties, and ravish my manhood" or as in, "It's appropriate that I wear a tuxedo to a fancy fundraiser"? Either way, it seems like men and women aren't on the same page.

In short: Men want sex on the first date. Women ... not so much. Or maybe they want it but aren't willing to give it.

Of course, we all know that's the fault of men anyway. Women have a hearty sexual appetite too, we just know how you men are. Give it up on the first date, and chances are you'll never hear from the guy again. Of course, we've all heard those stories, and may even know a few couples, who got down and dirty within the first few hours of knowing each other and went on to get married or otherwise spend the next several years together.

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But then, especially if you're a woman, you know all too well the opposite happening too. As one male friend put it:

I'd like to think it doesn't make a difference, but it has happened, and I tend to think that we didn't really know each other well enough to do that, and it does drain some of the fun away from courtship. I would still consider such a woman for a potential LTR or more, but it would skew my perspective in an unfavorable way. I'd question if she is more interested in sex than she is in me.

Soooo ... confusing? Almost half of men think that sex on a first date is just dandy -- but that could very well rule you out for a relationship with that guy. Of course, there are women who aren't interested in a relationship -- the problem becomes that maybe they will want one with the guy down the line. But he's already made up his mind about her. Men apparently still live in the 19th century when it comes to these things.

Do you think sex on the first date is "appropriate"?

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