18 Things Couples Should Definitely Do Before Having Kids

Maressa Brown | Feb 10, 2014 Love & Sex
18 Things Couples Should Definitely Do Before Having Kids

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Whether you plan on having a baby before or after "I do," or at whatever age, the general consensus is that a little one changes everything. And before that big transition comes, most couples would do well to make the most of their DINK (dual income, no kids) days and cultivate their bond before becoming parents. Of course you can still do most of these things after kids, but trust us when we say it will be WAY harder to accomplish as opposed to before you have little ones to consider.

It's important to really connect, have fun, and enjoy each other before you start expanding your family. As wonderful as kids are, you will probably miss this amount of quality time you have together. So, we have put together a list of things you and your partner should really try to to do before you both dedicate your lives to raising your little ones. 

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Seriously, it will be enjoyable for the both of you, and not only will it strengthen your bond, but some of these things will also add to the list of enjoyable memories you can later share with your kids.

Here is our "pre-baby bucket list" filled with all the things a couple should try to do before there's a tyke in the picture.

The Ultimate Before Baby Bucket List

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  • 1. Travel, travel, travel!


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    Maybe it's one of the most common responses, but across all groups -- newlyweds, parents-to-be, and parents -- everyone agrees: Before baby, get around as much and as far as possible! Because not only does it get a lot harder to hit up Bali, Hawaii, or even a neighboring state once you're a parent, but the experience of traveling together can definitely amp the romance and bolster your bond in many ways. 

  • 2. Throw an unforgettable party


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    Before embarking on years of kid-centric celebrations, why not make sure you and your S.O. throw an adults-only bash you'll never forget? Sure, a big wedding falls under this category, but there's something also satisfying about having planned and thrown a snazzy get-together in your own home and partying with your closest friends.

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  • 3. Go for a 'riskier' ride


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    If you've always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle or own a speedy, two-seater sports car, you may want to before a more practical, family-friendly car becomes the better bet. Plus, doing it with your partner can make for a sexy adrenaline rush!

  • 4. Make your house a home


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    Whether you own or rent, you might want to spend some time with your partner making your dwelling feel like your home with personal touches or certain renovations.

  • 5. Go out to upscale restaurants


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    Any pricey, extravagant spot you've been wanting to try (and that likely isn't ideal for kids), you might wanna indulge in/check off your list now! As a friend of mine who is expecting in June put it, "I only foresee takeout in my future!" 

  • 6. Do a sexy photo shoot

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    Maybe you want to document how hot you look at this moment in your life and/or give your partner an incredible anniversary or birthday gift. No matter what your excuse, doing a playful, sensual boudoir-style photo shoot could be a great way to celebrate your body and your relationship before baby.

  • 7. Give one another at least one extravagant gift


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    Like a watch, a piece of fine jewelry, or those flight lessons your partner has always wanted to take. After all, it can be more difficult to make purchases like this when your financial obligations shift toward the more practical for long-term, family security.

  • 8. Go to the movies


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    Sounds so simple, but sometimes the most conventional date nights are the ones you miss when they're harder to come by.

  • 9. Make spontaneous plans


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    Drop everything and go on a road trip or weekend getaway -- a.) because why not, and b.) because it's fun, romantic, and exciting.

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  • 10. Take luxurious baths or long showers together


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    Go to town treating your bathroom like your own private couples' spa while you have the peace and time to do so.

  • 11. Double date


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    Make plans with other couples to double date. Researchers from Wayne State University found that couples indicated feeling more positive about their own relationships after spending time with another duo.

  • 12. Take naps whenever you feel like it


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    Because you can ... and it's a sweet excuse to snuggle!

  • 13. Sleep in


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    Just in case those nap opportunities weren't enough, you'd do well to take advantage of the chance to sleep in. Like extreme sleeping in, as long as you want, and then just chilling together in bed, relaxing. Even if you're doing nothing more than binge-watching TV together.

  • 14. Have sex wherever, whenever you want


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    No kids yet means privacy galore, so why stick to the bedroom?

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  • 15. Go on any romantic dates you've discussed but put off


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    Maybe you've talked about going to the state fair or to that wine bar in the city, out clubbing or to the opera. Now's the time to make those fancy, adventurous, romantic date nights happen.

  • 16. Downsize


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    Clutter can add stress, and stress isn't conducive to romance or eventual baby-making or baby-rearing! Spending some time decluttering together can make way for more room to breathe and enjoy your space ... (at least before it eventually gets filled up with toys and baby gear!).

  • 17. Make a fantasy come true


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    Whether Fifty Shades of Grey romps between the sheets or a trip to Tuscany would be your idea of a dream, make it come true while it's much easier to!

  • 18. Do brunch


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    As a friend of mine who's a mom of two explains, "Go out for an extravagant brunch with unlimited mimosas and Bloody Marys. 'Grownup brunch' is hard to come by after kids!"

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