10 Things You Can’t Expect to Get Back After a Breakup

Letting go after a relationship is definitely hard. There's the actual breakup, which is always always difficult. Then you have the Facebook relationship status change (let's face it, changing that little box to "single" is a big deal). And breaking the news to friends and family is utterly dreadful.

Finally, there's the post-breakup etiquette and the splitting of stuff. But what happens when you've given away more than just your heart in a relationship? Like, say, you gave away a kidney?

True story: A British woman donated a kidney to her ill husband a few years into their marriage. That's selfless love right there. But then he allegedly cheated on her, they divorced, and now she wishes she could undo the entire organ donation. Sorry, sister, I don't think that's going to work.


You can definitely count organs (plus a few other items) in the "Won't Get Back" pile. Just cut your losses after the breakup and get out.

Here are the things you probably won't get back (and maybe shouldn't ask for) when the relationship ends.

And if you ever need any perspective, our fave Parks and Recreation star has you covered. Preach, Tom! Preach! 

Is there anything you kept after a breakup?

Image via misomero/Tumblr

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