5 Types of Guys You Wouldn't Think of Dating -- But Should

lurvDating is a process of elimination. It's not about kissing frogs until you find a prince who's accepting of your frog breath. It's about finding a frog you don't mind macking it to on the regs. Romance, right? We all learn pretty quickly that there are definitely deal-breakers. There are certain guys we just can't date. Like the guys in this article who obsessively collect vacuums. Yeah. I know, right? We weed people out until we find someone we don't quietly dream of suffocating whilst they sleep.

It's certainly not easy. Anyone who waxes rhapsodic about the splendors of making awkward small talk while inwardly panicking about whether or not this person will see you naked has clearly been off of the market for a while. It's either that or they are a practicing sadist. I know, six of one, half a dozen of the other, right?


But maybe, in our efforts to stream-line the process, we're overlooking our perfect match. There are whole groups of dudes with quirks intense enough that ladies avoid them like the plague. Maybe we need to reassess our line of thought. You know, kick our asses into Pollyanna mode. With that in mind, here are some guys you'd probably run screaming from -- and here are some perfectly valid reasons why you should give them a shot.

1.) The Aforementioned Vacuum Cleaner Obsessives

You might not know it, but there's a group of men who love vacuum cleaners so much, they've been known to buy new homes just to house their cherished machines. You'd probably be tempted to run for the hills the first time you visit this guy's place. But maybe stick around! At the very least you can expect him to eagerly do house-cleaning and that is not nothing my friends.

2.) Dudes Who Love Flags

Sure, you might have to endure your fair share of SO BORING shopping trips, and you might start skipping those dinner party invitations for fear he'll corner someone and send them screaming from the room with his yawn-worthy conversational marathons. But with a flag-obsessed dude in your life, you can totally bet on having the most bitching 4th of July celebration imaginable. Parties matter.

3.) Guys Who Roll Cheese Down Hills

It's easy to be skeptical about anyone who'd WILLINGLY hurl cheese AWAY FROM their person, but think twice: While he may be eccentric, he's clearly open-minded and not afraid to try new things with dairy. Bring on the novelty milkshakes for two!

4.) Professional Mooers

Come on, you always said you wanted a guy who was good with animals. This dude does you one better -- he basically IS an animal. Besides, who hasn't secretly craved a boyfriend with great ambition? This blue ribbon winner is going places. Mostly to other state fairs.

5.) Champion Staring Contest Participants

It might seem juvenile, but think about it -- really mull it over. Haven't you always been really big on eye-contact? This guy will be able to stare lovingly into your peepers for hours on end. I say, bring it on, romance -- bring it on.

What weird quirks are you willing to overlook when it comes to dating?

Image via damingatal/Flickr

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