8 Times Jealousy Drove Scorned Lovers to Do Something Crazy

Jealousy may be one of the most petty emotions, but it's also one of the strongest. Jealousy can trigger that most deep-seated fear: Fear of abandonment. When we were babies, if our parents abandoned us, we were finished. Unfortunately, jealousy lingers in adults long past its usefulness. And it can make us do some crazy, out-of-character things. Some of them amusing; others downright horrifying. Here are eight times that green-eyed monster led people to do the unthinkable.


- After seeing a man drop off his wife at her home, a jealous (estranged?) husband took off after the guy in his car. He chased the man for several miles until the guy stopped and got out of his car. But when the husband approached him with an "object," the guy changed his mind (smart!), leapt back in his car, and took off again. The enraged husband followed for several more miles. Eventually, he forced the boyfriend off the road into a ditch, approached his car with the "object," and began smashing his windshield and hood. Fortunately, that was all he smashed.

- After a man saw his wife talk to another man in a bar, he pushed her off the bar stool and struck the other man in the head with a hammer.

- Married NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak became so enraged when her ex-lover turned his attentions to another woman, she drove 900 miles -- wearing an adult diaper so she wouldn't have to take bathroom breaks -- to track down the new woman in the airport, pepper spray her in the eyes, and try to kidnap her. Nowak went on to deny that she wore a diaper.

- Jodi Arias was convicted of stabbing and shooting her on-off lover, Travis Alexander, to death. While Jodi eventually claimed self-defense, the prosecution always maintained she did it in a jealous rage because she thought Travis was getting serious with another woman (in a fit of irony, it turns out the other woman wasn't even interested in Travis).

- A New York man stands accused of stabbing his wife and then his two toddlers to death and fleeing to Texas. The man had a long history of domestic violence, but reportedly what sent him over the edge was going through his wife's Facebook page and finding a picture of her with another man.

- A woman attacked her partner when she saw him having sex with another woman -- which is totally understandable. Except that they were having a five-person orgy. If there's ever a time you might see your man getting it on with another woman, that's probably the time. Oh, but at the same orgy, her partner also became furious after seeing her have a threesome with two men and attacked her too. Because these two do not understand the meaning of the word "orgy."

- A man was arrested for beating up his girlfriend after seeing a picture of a tall, handsome, older, salt-'n'-pepper haired gentleman on her Facebook wall. The man's name was Mitt Romney.

- After a man saw that his girlfriend had received a text message from another man, he proceeded to attack her (and her car) with wasabi sauce. Which reignited the eternal debate as to whether you should attack your significant other with wasabi or soy.

And just for goofs, here's one of my more bizarre jealous moments, though it certainly doesn't compare to the above: After finding out a man I liked had a girlfriend, I put on sunglasses and a hat, wrapped a scarf around my head, and sat across the street from his apartment, staring eagle-eyed at his door with a newspaper covering the lower portion of my face, to see if I could catch a glimpse of the two of them. Luckily, they didn't emerge, and after about 15 minutes, I grew bored. I was able to ask myself, "WTF, I mean, WTF are you DOING?!" and leave.

If only any of the above had been able to do the same.

Have you ever done anything crazy out of jealousy?


Image via Gorgeous Eyes/Flickr

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