Men Are More Heartbroken When Relationships End Than Women

According to a new study from UK dating site Elite Singles, it turns out that men are actually the ones that have a harder time getting over a breakup than women. Kind of blows that crying-into-your-Ben-and-Jerry’s stereotype out of the water, huh?

After polling 501 singles, pollsters concluded that “25 percent more men than women admitted to suffering lovesickness after each relationship, with far fewer guys having to be ‘really in love’ to experience it.”


Well ok then. One psychologist suggested that it’s because men have a tendency to “overestimate a woman’s interest,” and may feel more rejection when she’s just not that into him. Maybe … but I have a different theory, especially if we’re talking about long-term relationships.

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This study only polled people on the heartbreak after the relationship ended. With more and more women doing the breaking up these days, it’s usually because she’s already been grieving as the relationship deteriorated. She’s likely been trying to fix it for a while, and by the time she gets to the end of her rope trying to find some common ground with her partner, she’s just done.

In those situations, when the guy couldn’t or wouldn’t take her seriously when she said things needed to change if the relationship was going to survive, of course he’s going to be heartbroken. Upset with her, upset with himself, and let’s face it -- men don’t typically take rejection very well anyway.  

So yeah, maybe guys are the ones that are more rattled after a relationship ends, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the girls were any less emotionally invested or heartbroken themselves.

Who do you think typically has a harder time after a breakup?


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