15 Signs You Are Dangerously Obsessed With Your Man

Relationships can be intense. Especially at the beginning, they can be fraught with anxiety, insecurity, and a heady concoction of sex and hormones. All of which can drive you a little -- or a lot -- crazy. But some people take it too far. Sure, there are the genuine stalkers out there, the ones who threaten you, make you scared, who deserve to have the police called on them. But then there are just those who are a step or two below a genuine stalker -- the stalkettes. These people could turn into legit stalkers with just a little nudge. Here are 15 signs you are dangerously obsessed with your relationship.


1. You write several drafts of emails to him before you pick one to send.

2. You literally hold your breath while waiting for a text message back.

3. If you don't get a text message back, you are absolutely convinced he's about to break up with you.

4. You check his Facebook wall more than three times a day. Oh who are you kidding. You sit with your browser open to his Facebook page and refresh it every 15 minutes.

5. You want to strangle the last pretty woman who "liked" his status. As for the plain ones, they'll just get a smack.

6. You cancel plans with your friends last minute if he suddenly wants to do something.

7. You don't make plans with your friends just in case he suddenly wants to do something.

8. You kind of "get" Jodi Arias.

9. At least 80 percent of your sentences start with "And then he ..."

10. You think about who can take your 17-year-old diabetic cat. Your man doesn't like cats.

11. Your beloved uncle dies and you wonder if you can skip the funeral -- that's the night your man is having his work party and you want to make sure any cute coworkers know to stay away from him.

12. You spend hours analyzing why he said "Night" instead of "Good night." What did that mean? He always said "good" first. Is he expecting it won't be a good night because he's planning to break up with me?!

13. You think Fatal Attraction is a love story.

14. The entire continent of Asia was wiped out in a tsunami but you didn't notice because that slut on Facebook was flirting with him again!

15. You buy him the perfect Christmas gift. In July.


Image via Pinto/Corbis

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