9 Surefire Ways to Check if Your Husband Is Cheating

suspicious wifeWhen a woman suspects her man of cheating, there are certain go-to tactics she employs to get to the bottom of it. She might check phone records, look at credit card receipts, and call his office to keep tabs on him. But in this day and age, a suspicious wife has to be more creative and inventive than that to catch an unfaithful man. The Stir has asked real women to weigh in on just how to do that. Check out the best ways to catch a sneaky cheater in the act.

  1. A very good trick is to send him an email from a woman; make up any vague name, like Anna, and be all, "Hi, do you remember me?" See if he responds. Then keep emailing until you find out if he's flirting/sending sexual stuff.
  2. Buy a nanny-cam (even if you don't have kids or your kids are too old for one). Just don't tell him about it.
  3. Check-ins on Foursquare ("I thought you were working late, but you were at a bar!").
  4. Befriend your mailman. Why? They see who your husband may be sneaking into your house when you are not home in the middle of the day.
  5. Search Craigslist Casual Sex section with key descriptors of your husband, especially if he does something he's proud of, like a doctor or lawyer. Or if you know he likes certain types of women like "artistic" or "Russian." Usually these guys are dumb enough to post a photo of themselves and give their real general location. Make sure to check M4M as well as M4W!
  6. Know all his email accounts. Especially if he has one he uses less.
  7. Can't figure out his clandestine meeting spot? Consider the great outdoors. I know someone who once caught their husband and his mistress making out in a park.
  8. Check bank statements online; note big debits. He could be spending that cash at romantic restaurants or buying gifts without leaving a paper trail.
  9. If you met him though an online dating site, check to see if his profile is still up. If it is, it usually says when he most recently logged in.

Do you have other suggestions for catching your cheating man in the act?


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