5 Ridiculous Love 'Rules' It's Perfectly Fine to Break

love rulesDespite what most people seem to want us to believe, when it comes to love, there are very few hard and fast rules. The truth is, there are as many different kinds of love as there are kinds of people and we can never know what one couple is going through by observing from the outside.

At first glance, I am sure most of my friends would have advised me to break up with my now-husband and they would have been SO, so wrong. The truth is, all is fair and love and war (one rule that DOES hold true). If you can find a forever love, there is no point in playing entirely by some arbitrary set of "rules."

If anyone ever tries to feed you such generalizations, run from them. The reality is, love is not black and white. It has shades of grey. Like pretty much everything else in life. Here are five love rules that can (and sometimes SHOULD) be broken:


1.) Never dump your girlfriends for a man: Sometimes this is OK because sometimes boyfriends become husbands. Sure, girlfriends are vital and they are wonderful, but for most of us, our spouses are number one. I expect my husband to choose me and my needs over any of his friends and he would likely expect me to do the same. And I would expect my friends to choose their husbands over me. Should a woman dump her friends for every random man who comes in her life? No. But it's not a hard and fast rule.

2.) Never date a "cheater": If he did it once, he will do it again. This is not true. Having known my fair share of "cheaters" I can say that many, many people learn their lesson from cheating once and will never do it again. Even more, every relationship is different. A man might cheat on a woman he is not that into, but then fall madly in love with another woman and never step out. It's painful for the cuckold to believe, but it's a fact.

3.) Never date your friend's ex: This one is one that you should probably follow 99.9 percent of the time. But not EVERY time. There are some times that your friend's ex is your forever love. Then is it worth it? I say yes.

4.) Don't go to bed angry: This one is just insane. You could be up all night fighting! What's the point? Go to sleep. Address it again in the morning. It won't ruin your marriage. It's OK. Sometimes sleeping on it is EXACTLY what's needed.

5.) Don't move too fast: Look, sometimes you know. My husband and I moved in together after six months when we were only 23. By one year, we were engaged. Twelve years and 3 kids later, I'd say we moved at a good pace. Don't let anyone tell you there is one way of doing things. The "pace" is between you and your man.

Did you ever break any love "rules"? What were they?


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