Girly Lingerie for Men Is Totally Hot ... Right, Ladies?

There is nothing like a man in hot lingerie. Amiright, ladies? I didn't say buying you hot lingerie. I said wearing it. And it's not even yours. So that's a plus at least. It totally sucks when a dude stretches out your favorite teddy. But luckily men's lingerie is on the rise. So to speak. Yes, there are companies now making lingerie for dudes.


Australian company HommeMystere (because indeed it is a mystery) sells hot and skimpy lingerie for the man in your life. There's even bras. I don't know why there's bras, but there's bras!

Of course, the obvious reason a guy would like lingerie is that he's a cross-dresser, but the website gives the impression that the frilly underthings are for guys who look like teen idols. Says the site:

Our sexy styles are a perfect addition to any lingerie draw and are great for around the house or to impress that special someone.

And let's really hope that special someone is not you.

The day my dude comes home and offers to model his new camisole for me is the day I toss his G-stringed ass out into the polar vortex.

Sorry, I'm enlightened, and progressive, but not THAT much. Besides, thanks to my ex-fiance, I'm pretty much convinced every guy is secretly gay anyway. Though that's an insult to gay men -- assuming they'd want to wear lingerie. Save your hate mail.

Anyway, guys, can't we have anything to ourselves? You've already co-opted Botox, mascara (mascara), and lip gloss, can you please leave us the teddies and camisoles?

Unless you're a drag queen, then go to town.



Images via HommeMystere


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