$8,000 'Anti-Snoring' Bed Just Might Save Your Marriage

Sleep Number

Whoa. Come on big money ... mama needs a brand new high-tech bed. Would you believe that Sleep Number just came out with a new $8,000 bed that can stop your partner from snoring? Yes, this is a real thing, and OMG I have to have one right now. It's called the Sleep Number x12. And it rocks.

Here's how it works -- if your partner is snoring, you just push a button or use a voice command to have the bed adjust slightly - about six degrees - which may (temporarily) relieve it. How cool is that? Oh, and did I mention the bed also tracks your breathing, heart rate, and also how much you move during the night so you know whether you're really getting a good night's sleep?

Ok, so nobody really cares about all that. Let's get back to the anti-snore feature, which has me so intrigued, I'm not sure what to do with myself.


How awesome is this bed? This thing is so genius, I can hardly stand it. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing more annoying and disruptive than listening to someone snore while you're trying to get some z's.

And that's why I figured I hit the jackpot back when my husband and I were dating -- because I'd finally found a dude who didn't snore. He never made one single peep during the night -- until we got married and all of a sudden I found myself lying next to something that sounds like a freight train. (What the hell?)

As much as I know he hates it, I tell my husband this is nothing more than a case of false advertising on his part. Not that I wouldn't have married him if he'd snored back then -- but the fact that he didn't snore was definitely a huge plus.

But now he does snore -- and it's really kind of a buzz kill. Granted, he only does it at the beginning of the night and it's not for too terribly long -- but it bugs the shit out of me. And if I had an extra $8,000 lying around? I'd be high-tailing it to a Sleep Number store instead of sitting here typing this post.

If you ask me, shelling out $8,000 is not only a small price to pay for a good night's rest -- it's also worth every single cent so my poor husband can quit getting kicked in the shins by me every time he's anything less than quiet after we crawl into bed.

Gah. Just think how many marriages are going to benefit from this thing. Maybe someday mine will be one of them.

Does your husband snore? Does it bother you?


Image via Sleep Number

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