Couple Films 9th Anniversary for a REAL Look at Marriage After 3 Kids (VIDEO)

Brittany GibbonsWhen you are a decade into a marriage, things look a little different than they did one or even five years in. By the time you roll around to your ninth or 10th anniversary, you might chuckle softly at all the sweet newlyweds sharing their anniversary flowers and dinners and romance on Facebook. It's super sweet, but at nine or 10 years, you know what really matters is not the big moments. It's the little ones.

Blogger Brittany Gibbons and her husband woke up one morning last week and realized they had forgotten their nine year anniversary. Or was it their 10th? It was their ninth, but you know, it was so nonchalant, they forgot. I kind of get it.

She made the video below to show the way a couple who has been together a really long time "celebrates." It is so, so sweet. Watch below:


My husband and I do tend to still celebrate our anniversaries. We go out to nice meals and go away for the weekend, leaving our two (soon to be three) kids with my parents. But the truth is, we don't need to do that.

We don't exchange fancy gifts for our anniversary or really any other holiday or celebration. We just are. We just live. And the intimacy from that, from every day spent chopping vegetables and dealing with broken pipes in our basement, and arguing over the bills is part of the beauty of our lives.

The truth is, marriage at a decade is not glamorous or fancy and it doesn't look good on Facebook. But when it is good, it is so, so much better than early marriage. There is an intimacy and a vulnerability you can't get until you've really put in the time.

I love this video. I love how they celebrated their anniversary. That's real love and it will last longer than any new relationship that brightens Facebook with flowers and sappy love notes. That's forever love.

How do you celebrate your anniversary?


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