Couple Hilariously Spoofs Stereotypical Engagement Shoot Poses (PHOTOS)

marian's back malia moss engagement photoEngaged couple Marian Schembari and Elliot Speed had no intentions of doing an engagement shoot before saying "I do," but when they started doing their wedding research, Marian writes on they were amused by all the stereotypical engagement shoot set-ups they came across over and over. For instance: "1. Woman looking daintily up at her intended while he looks broodingly into the distance, 2. Couple holding hands in an awkward position so the shiny bling was obviously front and center, 3. Couple kissing on the beach with pre-wife lifting one leg and pointing her toes ... you get the picture," she writes. Sounds about right!

One thing led to the other, and soon, an inside joke turned into a wedding gift from their photographer Malia Moss, who offered to snap Marian and Elliot doing spoofs of all the typical, traditional shots -- some gender-swapped (see left) and others just "extreme takes." The result? Hilarity and awesomeness!

Check some more of 'em out ...


malia moss engagement photo

malia moss engagement photo

malia moss engagement photo

malia moss engagement photo

malia moss engagement photo

Too funny! And also, how absolutely perfect for Marian and Elliot who had a blast coming up with these shots and then executing 'em. Marian writes that she doesn't think she ever had more fun.

While goofy spoofs aren't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, Marian and Elliot along with Malia showed exactly how to go about having the best engagement shoot ever: By being yourself.

My husband's and my own amazing wedding photographers, Emily and Stephen Pogozelski of Pogo Photo got the best shots of us by simply giving just enough direction and then sorta fading into the background and capturing us doing our thing as a couple, talking to one another, laughing, kissing (okay, some of that was a bit cued-up, but it is a photo shoot), being silly, etc. The photos I love the most are the ones that happened organically. In fact, even more so than with wedding pics -- which tend to be inately more formal -- I feel like engagement ones can't be forced. The more natural, the better. And if your version of natural is being super-funny, more power to you! Best of luck to Marian and Elliot!

Which is your favorite spoof engagement shot? How did you come up with the inspiration for your engagement photos?


Images by Malia Moss

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