8 Things on a Husband's 'Can't Win List' That Might Sound VERY Familiar

big woman little man, husband's can't win listAs much as a husband tries to do the right thing in marriage -- and we do lots of the time -- it's a wife's job to make sure he can never pat himself on the back for it. Between his good intentions and the results of putting them into action lie the conundrums on every husband's can't-win list.

Do any of my entries ring familiar?

  1. If I pretend to be happy while helping my wife complete an unpleasant chore, I get no credit for making a sacrifice, since I enjoyed doing it. If I don't pretend, I never want to help out.
  2. There is always just one thing left of something in the freezer. That's because my wife is the only one in our house who won't take a last one of something. So? I'm supposed to let it go to waste?
  3. My wife likes when I hang with my boys because she doesn't want me moping around the house. But if I come home happy, why can't I be happy with her?
  4. Since I started doing the laundry, I notice and compliment my wife's sexy underwear more. This is wrong, of course, because I should notice them on her.
  5. If I ignore what my wife likes sexually, she is unhappy. If I do it, I get accused of only doing it because she told me to.
  6. If I dress our daughter, it's no good because I don't know how to pick an outfit. If I don't, I let my wife do all the work.
  7. If I successfully stop our daughter from crying, I always have to be the hero.
  8. If I attempt to answer either of the following questions in any way: "Does this dress make me look fat?" or "What are you thinking?"

How do you think your man's can't-win list would read?

Image via Iggy62pop2/Flickr

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