10 Sickeningly Funny Wedding Food Horror Stories (VIDEO)

server wedding foodWhether you've been the bride, groom, in the bridal party, or a guest at a wedding, you likely have a crazy story or two involving wedding food. It's one of the priciest aspects, and yet, it seems like -- either as a result of the number of people at any given event, human error, or personal taste -- something is pretty much guaranteed to go wrong with the dinner, the cake, the dessert, or all of the above.

From biting into styrofoam to bugs on a wedding cake, we've compiled 10 wedding food horror stories sure to make you laugh and cringe ...


1. "I went to a wedding [where] each table was a band. So when the DJ played a song from your 'band,' you could go to the buffet. Twenty tables and 20 three-minute songs later, everyone in the back was cranky, and the food was cold. Cute idea, bad DJ!"

2. "My friend's wedding planner knocked the cake onto the dance floor as she was wheeling it out for them to cut!"

3. Who in their right mind -- bride, groom, guest, etc. -- would want a piece of this wedding cake with bugs crawling up the tiers?!

wedding cake with bugs

4. Or how about this severed head cake, featuring the bride and groom's keppes and a side of "blood"? Mmm, appetizing!

Bride Makes Severed Heads Wedding Cake

5. One woman tells Glamour she ended up with food poisoning from wedding reception food and found herself stuck without a place to, uh, relieve herself!

6. Another guest says she attended a wedding where the reception food was a scary, "low-rent" build-your-own-burrito station with Taco Bell-like meat. Yum?

7. My sister-in-law made special arrangements to have medium-sized, round-tiered wedding cake that was gluten-free (because my brother-in-law has celiac disease). They ended up with another couple's massive, square-tiered cake that wasn't anything like what she wanted. Vendor fail.

8. ModernDaisy on WeddingBee.com recalled of one destination wedding, "The ceremony didn't start until 6:00 p.m. so all the guests were at the hotel bar waiting for the ceremony to start drinking away, thinking it would be fine since they would eat at cocktail hour. Wrong! The bride and groom wanted to save money so they didn't include any food, only booze. Bad idea! And never have a long cocktail hour with nowhere to sit, I thought my feet were going to fall off!"

9. "My cousin and her hubs cut the cake and did the obligatory feeding, only to discover the bottom layer was styrofoam."

10. On their website, Sweet Cheeks Bakery NYC shares a slew of wedding cake pick-up horror stories, including this gem: "Cake was given to grandmother to hold in the front seat. Unfortunately, the sweet lady had a terrible cold. The bride brought cake back to us because Grandma sneezed and she needed the cake re-iced." Lovely!

What's the worst experience you ever had with wedding food?


Image via Ismar Badzic/Flickr

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