Morning Dates Are the Best Kind of 'Date Nights' for Couples With Kids

We all know about "date night." Couples - particularly those of us who have children - needn't be reminded of the importance of having one once in awhile to keep our sanity. But how many of you have been lucky enough to have date mornings, where you wake up next to your partner after a night of "partying" and, bless your babysitter's heart, don't have to rush to change a diaper or feed a hungry tot? It's rare, it's therapeutic, and during this holiday vacation, my husband and I have been fortunate enough to have had not one, but two date mornings. I'm afraid I'm addicted.


I'm really lucky. I have an amazing mom and mother-in-law. They live nearby. They are comfortable watching my toddler and even seem to enjoy doing it. I realize this is a rarity and I don't take it for granted. Except, well, my husband and I may have taken advantage of their kindness just a bit these last few days while we are off from work. Considering how I'm almost 7 months pregnant and we are planning a move to the suburbs, we figure we should cash in on the offers for overnight babysitting now because they're going to dry up rapidly once baby #2 arrives.

I believe you can bond with your partner anywhere, even on a car trip to the mall, assuming your toddler is cooperating and not interrupting your conversation every six seconds. And you can certainly have an amazing time out at dinner, splitting a bottle of wine and appetizers and taking your sweet time because your sitter doesn't expect you back until at least 11. But there's something wildly freeing that comes with the knowledge that your child is in good hands and going to be given breakfast by someone else. It makes you want to hang from the chandeliers.

Remember, I'm pregnant and totally boring right now, but that doesn't mean I haven't whooped it up by ordering every decadent thing I can find from our local favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, staying awake until 1 a.m. ( whoo-hoo!), watching two Boardwalk Empires in a row, listening to music with my husband - we have a little music game we love to play where we make categories and surprise each other with songs we feel best fit each category-- and , most gloriously of all, sleeping in.

I had forgotten what it is like to roll over and spoon each other for hours and not get out of bed until 11. And then to make a big breakfast and vanilla bean coffee and drink it in peace without having to stop and fix a toy or pour more juice in a sippy cup.

The morning date truly is the pinnacle of all couples-with-kids-who-need-time-without-kids experiences. If you find someone you trust who is willing to grant you one, take it without questioning yourself, drop off your kids, and run like the wind to your nearby restaurant or couch. You won't be sorry.

Have you had many experiences to spend an entire kid-free night and morning with your partner?

Image via chichacha/Flickr

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