8 Pics Men Should Avoid When They’re Trying to Find a Woman (PHOTOS)

Kiri Blakeley | Jan 2, 2014 Love & Sex
8 Pics Men Should Avoid When They’re Trying to Find a Woman (PHOTOS)

Ladies, if you're single and checking out the online dating scene, be prepared to be bombarded with even more pics of dudes showing off their outdoorsy side -- because a Zoosk study has found that guys who post pics of themselves in the great outdoors get 19 percent more messages than ones who post pics of themselves in the bathroom. Well, the study doesn't mention the bathroom -- but judging by the amount of men I remember on dating sites who posted the "bathroom selfie," I imagine this must be the second most popular picture choice.

I personally was always irked by the "outdoorsy" shot. Here's me mountain climbing! (Taken from 500 feet away.) Here's me bungee cord jumping! (Notice how you can't see my face.) Guys definitely seem to shy away from, you know, a normal photograph taken indoors where you can clearly see their face -- unless it was taken 10 years ago. Here are 8 other types of pics guys love to post on dating sites -- but really shouldn't.

  • Bathroom Selfie



    Ah, yes, the bathroom selfie. Perhaps this is the only mirror guys have in the house? And usually the camera is strategically covering up half of the face.

  • With ... Some Chick



    Guys love to post photos of themselves and other women. Sometimes the other woman is cropped out -- but usually not to the extent that you can't still see half of her face, her manicured hands, or her hair. Is it the ex? The present? I figure this is a guy's way of saying, "See! Women like me!"

  • Boozing It Up



    Guys love to post photos of themselves in their cups. Seriously, if you can't manage to find a photo of yourself without booze in your hand, there's a problem. But maybe they are just doing you a favor by alerting you to their alcoholism.

  • The Marathon Man



    A guy running a marathon usually isn't the most flattering pic, but guys love to post them. And usually not just one. Often, there are 20 pics of the same marathon. I guess he wants to let you know he has stamina -- he's a finisher! P.S. If you look like this guy, it's okay.

  • The "Straight" Guy



    You'd be surprised how many guys who list themselves as straight post pics of themselves looking, well, not so straight.

  • Tongue Twister


    I'll never understand why, but guys making Miley faces are big on dating sites. If they're not sticking out their tongue, they're making some other goofy expression. Not really the thing for your first look at a dude.

  • Good Appetite


    Maybe guys are trying to be subliminal, but a lot of men love to let you know they eat out.

  • Just the Torso



    Men love to post pics of their naked torso -- without even their face. Often, it's combined with the bathroom selfie. The naked torso bathroom selfie -- a total guy fave. Men seem to confuse dating sites with applications to become a porno star.


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