8 Pics Men Should Avoid When They’re Trying to Find a Woman (PHOTOS)

Ladies, if you're single and checking out the online dating scene, be prepared to be bombarded with even more pics of dudes showing off their outdoorsy side -- because a Zoosk study has found that guys who post pics of themselves in the great outdoors get 19 percent more messages than ones who post pics of themselves in the bathroom. Well, the study doesn't mention the bathroom -- but judging by the amount of men I remember on dating sites who posted the "bathroom selfie," I imagine this must be the second most popular picture choice.

I personally was always irked by the "outdoorsy" shot. Here's me mountain climbing! (Taken from 500 feet away.) Here's me bungee cord jumping! (Notice how you can't see my face.) Guys definitely seem to shy away from, you know, a normal photograph taken indoors where you can clearly see their face -- unless it was taken 10 years ago. Here are 8 other types of pics guys love to post on dating sites -- but really shouldn't.


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