Jilted Girlfriend Sued by Ex After His Fiancee's Face Appears on Sex Sites

One woman was very unhappy to get dumped. So unhappy that she reportedly tracked down pictures of her ex-boyfriend's new fiancee on social media, Photoshopped them onto naked and sexy bodies, and then set up fake profiles for the woman on Russian sex sites -- oh, and then for good measure, sent the photos and profiles around to her ex-boyfriend's friends and family. (Note to self: This is not the way to get an ex back.) The ex, a man named Emmanuil Sadikov, is now suing her for $5 million.


Sadikov said he once had a relationship with scorned woman, but when he broke it off, he claims she hijacked his new lady's face off social media, merged it with naked bodies that weren't hers, and then allegedly proceeded to try and ruin Sadikov and his new fiancee's reputation.

Sadikov claims that as a result of this, his friend and family were "alienated" and that "associates have refused to do business with him." Which seems odd if the whole thing was a smear campaign -- wouldn't his friends and family take his side?

The point is, here's yet another thing we have to worry about with social media. It's not only young people who have their photos everywhere -- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc. -- but more and more people my age are encouraged to plaster up photos of ourselves for our jobs.

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I really had no idea that Google even archived my Facebook photos until I happened to catch a few in a search. Even though my profile is set to private, neither profile shots or cover photos can be made private. Instagram and Twitter, though they can be made private, are usually public. (There's not much point to them otherwise.)

I actually wouldn't be surprised if many of us have fake naked photos floating around the Internet right now!

There's really no way to protect yourself from this except to occasionally do an image search of yourself and see what you can find and then threaten anyone with legal action who is using your photo for nefarious purposes.

Or there's not ever putting your photo on social media. Too late for most of us.

Do you ever worry about your photos online?


Image via Anonymous Account/Flickr

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