11 Signs You Know You're Ready to Settle Down

couple kissing engagement photoIf you hadn't noticed from your Facebook feed, we are currently in the heart of "engagement season," aka that warm, fuzzy time of the year when it seems like just about everyone you know is getting engaged, married, or announcing that they're pregnant! Nothing like the holidays to inspire us to settle down, right? Even famous former womanizers aren't immune! We're hearing that Ashton Kutcher is bound to pop the question to Mila Kunis any day now.

A pal told Us that the recent divorcé knew it was time to put a ring on it in part because he and Mila prefer nights in, cooking together vs. "wild nights out." Yup, that's definitely a sign they're set to commit!

Here, 10 other signs you're ready to settle down ... 

  1. You'd opt for a Netflix binge over a drinking one any weekend!
  2. The last time you went through your wardrobe looking for giveaways, you bit the bullet and tossed most, if not all, tight and/or skimpy clubbing clothes. (Okay, maybe one pair of emergency stilettos remain ...)
  3. You can't stop watching Say Yes to the Dress.
  4. Your default channel is HGTV.
  5. You're perfectly cool with dinner and a movie -- or just dinner or just a movie -- being a big night out.
  6. You realize you don't feel the need to wear makeup, because your guy makes you feel beautiful no matter what you look like. 
  7. You start to seeing the single life more as a rat race, meat market nightmare than fun.
  8. You have no reservations merging your finances with someone else's.
  9. Romantic drama feels more stressful than fun or thrilling.
  10. You've made peace with past relationships that didn't work out and have an optimistic outlook for the future.
  11. You've found someone with whom you share both wild attraction and cerebral compatibility. In other words, once you've got your choice of hot sex and/or stimulating conversation at home, why would you need to go out?

How did you know you were ready to settle down?

Image via lisa_at_home/Flickr

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