6 Weird Ways Couples Show Their 'Christmas Spirit'

The holidays are a precious time for loving couples. They gather family round them or visit family out of town. They exchange gifts. All of this togetherness, in fact, can lead to, well, some weird shit. Most of us spend more time during the week with our coworkers than our families, so suddenly being thrust into spending enormous amounts of time with your signficant other can lead to some unexpected results. Here's 6 wacky things couples have been known to do during Christmas.


1. Stab each other. On December 22, 2007, Misty Johnson came home from a night of drinking and discovered that her husband, Shawn Fay Johnson, had decided to open his Christmas gifts a bit early. Misty did not take that well. She stabbed him in the chest. Remarkably, according to the ID Channel's accounting of the incident, the two then reconciled and spent Christmas Day together. But not long after that, they divorced. Go figure.

2. They get divorced. All of this holiday togetherness apparently isn't good for some couples. Divorce experts report that Christmas through New Year's Eve is one of the the highest time of the year for couples filing for divorce.

3. They brawl. On the day after Christmas, 2008, a couple got into a violent argument and were both arrested after they fought viciously over a Nintendo game they had received for Christmas.

4. They rob stores. Last Christmas Day, a couple in Michigan were arrested for robbing a Rite-Aid. After being stopped by cops in their car, officers found $300 worth of merchandise including jewelry with sale tags, a box of condoms, a personal messager and body wash. Oh, and crack pipes. But at least they were practicing safe sex!

5. They get frisky in Christmas lights. Couples wrapping themselves in Christmas tree lights and posing provocatively is apparently a thing. Christmas lights can short circuit, people!

6. They put up a homosexual nativity scene. Two years ago, a gay couple in Colombia got in trouble for leaving the Virgin Mary out of their home nativity scene, and adding a second Joseph.


What wacky holiday behavior do you and your spouse indulge in?


Image via seelensturm/Flickr


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