Nerdy Guy Asks Girlfriend to Marry Him in 'Pixel Proposal' That Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Is anyone else in love with the recent trend of awesome proposals posted to YouTube?  I’m going to say it’s because these guys want their ladies to feel supremely loved and adored, and has nothing to do with getting mad social media props, but then again I’m a hopeless romantic.

One of the latest vids to go viral has a sweet geeky angle. Robert Fink is a 3D artist in the games industry, and his girlfriend Angel is a web designer. Both share a passion for gaming, so when Robert decided to propose, he developed a video game just for her!


Take a look at how it went down:


Isn’t that just the sweetest? Please tell me I’m not the only one whose heart melted into a puddle of geeky goo … Did you love when the knight rescued the princess, and the text popped up on the screen about having searched far and wide for his princess, and Angel realized that it was her? So sweet!

Did you love your proposal? Or if you haven’t gotten one yet, do you have an idea of what you’d like?

Image via Pixel Proposal/YouTube

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