10 Little Quirks That Make Our Spouses Even More Lovable

love quirksThere comes a time in every marriage when you look at the person who sleeps next to you in bed and you realize they are just kind of weird. Plain and simple. They are weird. And you are, too. We are all weird in our quirky, bizarre, unique ways and those are the very qualities that make us so uniquely us. Yay us!

The reality is, these quirks are precisely what make us love each other. For instance, my closest friend is a voracious reader who I SWEAR reads three books a week. It's unusual and funky and totally her. It makes me love her.

We all have these things about ourselves too. So I asked a number of women (and men) about the uniquely crazy things that made them love their spouses. See them below:


1.) "My husband sleeps in clothing. It used to annoy me, but finally one day he explained that it was so that he could get up at a second's notice and deal with the kids or walk the dog. Kind of endearing. Now I love it."

2.) "My husband will go significantly out of his way to avoid making a left-hand turn. He'll plan errands around it, all for the sake of 'efficiency' because waiting at a left-turn signal 'takes too long.' The only time he gets angry in traffic is when drivers don't turn fast enough on a left-turn signal ..."

3.) "My husband hates traffic so much, he will literally drive two hours out of our way to avoid it. I kind of love it since I hate traffic, too!"

4.) "He lets his thick, wavy hair grow out well past the time when he should've gotten a haircut and looks like Seth Rogen or Syndrome from The Incredibles."

5.) "He buys puppets on Amazon so he can put on shows for our nieces over Skype."

6.) "When he knows he's messed up, he thinks he can just flash a smile and his dimples and all will be forgiven."

7.) "He goes out for gas and ends up helping old ladies put air in their tires."

8.) "I love that he was fine with my bringing home all kinds of stray cats and kittens -- for years! And when I had to put one down, he cried with me even though I’m not totally sure he even bonded with the cat."

9.) "I love that my husband loves our dog so much. He’s always really loved him. After we had our baby, I feel like I fell a little out of love with our pup, my husband still hearts him a ton. They’re buds."

10.) "My wife gets bored at home when she is working and squawks like a chicken or runs around the house up and down the stairs. Sometimes she forgets I am at home, too, and this is pretty hilarious."

What is your spouse's "quirk" that makes you love him or her?


Image via Chris_Parfitt/Flickr

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