Kris Jenner & Ben Flajnik's Sex Life Will Scare You to Death

Ben Flajnik & Kris Jenner

Uhhhhh ... if the mere idea of the two of them possibly dating didn't scare the hell out of you -- then wait until you hear about Kris Jenner and Bachelor Ben Flajnik's alleged sex life. (I know ... hearing Kris and Ben and sex in the same sentence is a little bit painful.)

According to a new report in Star magazine, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian have labeled mama Kris a "nympho" -- because supposedly she can't stop bragging about all the sex she's having with Ben.

Wait ... it gets worse.


Apparently they've gone beyond regular old intercourse and have ventured into sex toy territory. Supposedly Kris likes a man who takes charge of things in the sack, and she and Ben are having oodles of fun taking different sex toys for a spin in the bedroom each night.

And I'd like to go ahead and apologize for permanently burning the image of Kris and Ben getting their Fifty Shades of Grey on as soon as the lights go out into your brain.

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OMG. I guess it's not entirely impossible that Kris and Ben really are so attracted to each other that they can't resist going at it -- but it just seems so unlikely to me. Forget about the fact that Kris is almost three decades older than Ben. (Age is only a number anyway.)

Let's focus on the fact that not too terribly long ago, Ben was engaged to Courtney Robertson -- who is a freakin' model, for crying out loud. Can someone please explain to me how you go from being all hot and heavy with her to someone who is basically the complete opposite?

Whatever kind of relationship is going on between Ben and Kris has to be for publicity -- because the idea of them being glued to each other solely due to the hot sex is enough to make us cringe. (And throw up a little bit too.)

OMG. What if these rumors are true and Kris and Ben really are getting it on Anastasia and Christian style? If that's the case, I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, or rejoice in the hope that maybe when I'm 58, I'll be able to snag a cute 30-something to get it on with too. (Maybe.)

Do you honestly think Ben and Kris are having sex?


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