15 Badly Needed Dating Sites We’d Love to See

For a long time, people who did the online dating thing had few choices where to go and were lumped into enormous groups of people that were basically only broken down by male/female and straight/gay. Now, however, much like cable television, dating sites are starting to take the micro view and appeal to specific subgroups. There's OurTime for people over 50; ChristianMingle for Christians; JDate for Jewish people; DharmaMatch for Buddhists. And now sites are starting to drill deeper down. There's AshleyMadison for married people looking for affairs (shame, y'all!); SugarDaddie and SeekingArrangement for young women and older men looking for a "beneficial arrangement"; CougarDating for older women and younger men; MatchHerpes for singles with herpes; HiDine for "chivalrous" guys who agree to pay for the first date (hallelujah!). And here are 15 types of other dating sites real men and women said they'd like to see.


1. MeetMyMama - I'd love one where dudes have to bring their mom along so you know what you're potentially getting yourself into. Could avoid a lot of unnecessary years of misery.

2. NoDrinksThanks - Thought about this quite a bit, there should be dating sites just for people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Because there are so many things they have to do in order to stay sober, it's probably not a great idea to meet a date at a bar.

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3. TruthfulDating - I’d love one where your age and height are verified by your driver’s license when you sign up. So tired of 60-year-old dudes saying they are 45 and guys shorter than me claiming they are 5'8".

4. SmartDating - You have to take an IQ test before you can contact me.

5. KidsWanted - Where you meet other people who truly want kids and aren't going to waste all your fertile years!

6. AgelessDating - How about something like AgelessDating.com where no one lists their age so it's about attraction (though that probably won't stop the 65-year-old men from contacting 20-year-olds)?

7. MBMatch - I think I would have liked a Myers-Briggs dating site. Not to weed anyone out, but to find someone who complements my type.

8. ChakrasAligned - According to energy and aura and things like that. I don't even necessarily believe in all of that from a scientific viewpoint, but it would be a fun way to date and could help pair people with "like energy" who want to grow together.

9. YelpMatch - Something like Yelp, a rating site. Like if you go on a date and the guy who says he's "athletic and toned" was accidentally talking about his days in high school football and now can't see his toes, you get to go home and "rate" him. Or the guy who forgot to mention he was married, you could post a comment and alert his next victim. Then you can filter for "I only want to see men who have a 94 percent rating or above." Boom.

10. RealisticMatch - How about a site that automatically discounts all your claims about yourself by about 30 percent but shows the "discounted profile" to everyone but you.

11. PsychopathsBeGone - You have to take a psychopath test before you can register and psychos are NOT allowed.

12. ExesBest - A site where the ex-spouse actually recommends their ex. If an ex recommends someone, you know they've got to be good!

13. 50ShadesSingle - Women who like to be spanked.

14. MeowMatch - A site for people who aren't allergic to cats. There would only be like 10 guys on there, but at least there would be 10!

15. DNADating - You take a DNA test to make sure you match up chromosomally. Would be good to know before you actually fall in love and mate.

What types of dating sites would you like to see?


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