Couple’s Amazing Interfaith Holiday Card Splits the 'Difference' Perfectly (PHOTOS)

interfaith cardSan Francisco-based photographers Scott Burry and his partner Dani Vernon are an interfaith couple. Vernon is Jewish and Burry is Christian. They are both 27 and have been together long enough to know the holidays are often the most complicated time of the year for couples who celebrate multiple holidays. So they came up with an awesome plan.

Rather that just split the difference and send New Year's cards, they split the card and divided one half into Christmas and one half into Hanukkah with her standing on the Hanukkah side and him standing on the Christmas side.

Pretty dang adorable if you ask me. As the product of an interfaith marriage and now in an interfaith marriage myself, I know how complicated it can be to navigate these waters. They do it beautifully. See below:


This is my 13th Christmas/Hanukkah with my now husband, and I would say we have found a million ways of celebrating both holidays. Since kids have come along, it has just sort of become a given that we do it ALL. We bake latkes and play dreidel and give Advent calendars as Hanukkah gifts and you know what? They roll with it.

Sure, it can be complicated, but that is mostly because our families of origin are difficult about it. For us, it's not that confusing. Neither of us is particularly religious and while, overall, I hope my children do gravitate more toward Judaism, I am not pushing it and neither is my husband.

We can have both. This card is a beautiful visual manifestation of that philosophy.

I love their creativity, I love their love. I love everything about this. Happy Hanukkah and merry Christmas to them both. I wish they were on my friend list!

Have you ever done an interfaith holiday card?


Images via Scott Burry

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