The ONE Question You Should Never Ask a Dating Couple (VIDEO)

Talk about your awkward moments! There are some things you just don’t ask people. Like, “When’s the baby due?” Because there’s always an embarrassing chance that she just had a big lunch or is constipated or something.

Another thing you shouldn’t do is ask a dating couple, “When’s the wedding?” Especially not on TV! But that’s what happened to one pair of lovebirds on NBA TV.


The couple was chosen as “Fans of the Weeks,” and after answering some harmless questions about their favorite team (Indiana), host Chris Webber blurted out the highly inappropriate question.

I don’t know which is better -- the reaction from the couple or the jeering from Webber’s cohosts.

Take a look:


Have you ever said something you’ve regretted the moment it came out of your mouth?

Image via TheBloodyOwldotcom/YouTube

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