The Best Way to Get Your Husband to Pay Attention to You

surprised manWhen you first start seeing a guy, he lavishes you with attention. He plans special dates, calls you all the time, texts you sweet "I miss you" messages. And while things slow down a bit after you've been together awhile, the romance ramps up again once you tie the knot. That would be the proverbial "honeymoon period," during which many couples are giddily in love once again. But that too typically comes to an end and the result can be an attention-starved, bitter wife. If this has happened to you, you MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO! One woman has found a surefire way to get a man's attention. Ladies, take note.


Notice how she is trying to have a normal conversation with him and she is being COMPLETELY ignored ... that is until she says one very important thing.

Fantastic. Who knew it was that easy? There she is, calmly telling her man that she is hungry and wants to eat. And he keeps playing his video game, chatting away into his headpiece to whom I can only assume is his opponent. It seems as though he can't hear her. That would be the only logical excuse for ignoring her, right? She doesn't change her tone or raise the volume of her voice one decibel. She simply brings up her ex-boyfriend and he clearly heard that. So funny.

He wasn't ignoring her because he doesn't love her. He clearly cares. But just like so many couples, it's easy to lapse into a routine and neglect the TLC or attentiveness. So there it is. The secret to getting your husband's attention. Bring up an ex and spark a little bit of jealousy. LOL.

What ploys have you tried to get your husband's attention?


Image via Paul Burns/Corbis

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