5 Reasons Husbands Need to Have Their Own Friends

friendshipThere has been a lot of hoopla recently about men and their male friendships. It seems that less and less men in the US are actually having "bro" dates and are becoming less and less social as the years go on. Sad, no?

For white, heterosexual men, friendships with other men have simply become passe. And that's sad.

Unfortunately, I know it's true. I see it with my own husband. He used to have a full roster of friends, but as soon as he and I got serious, they were all gone. It was his choice. Mostly. He had some crappy friends he had to dump along the way, and he is the kind of person who likes to move and grow and isn't one for super old friendships, but all the same. The dude needs some friends! I am extremely (EXTREMELY) picky about my female friends, but the few I spend time with are my life blood. I couldn't live without them. Here are five reasons men need to have same sex friends, too:


1.) It makes marriage easier: I am not saying my husband should or will go out every single night with male friends, but once in a while, it might be nice. I love that we are best friends and I love that we tell each other everything, but I also would love for him to have another guy he trusts and values to bounce things off of and chat with and bond with. 

2.) It puts him in a better mood: My husband always tells me he spends enough time working, so he would rather hang with the family during his time off. I hear that. I get that. But a husband who has fun is a happier husband. I would rather him come back to me, happy and relaxed rather than burned out.

3.) Potential for couple friends: I love the idea of making couple friends. We haven't really had that in the past, and I would be very open to the idea of having a whole other family we could actually relax with and have fun with. How fun would that be? It ain't gonna happen unless my husband is looking out for it, too.

4.) Fix-ups: Some men are still single and I LOVE nothing more than to fix them up with my single female friends. It's one of my favorite pastimes. With no friends, no can do!

5.) Because of guilt (duh): I don't want to have to feel bad for needing my female friends. Yes, my husband is the be all, end all of my friendships, but I have some seriously bonded female friends whom I love like sisters, too. I don't want to have to feel bad for needing/wanting to see them. They matter, too. They make me happy. I imagine it would be easier to explain if he had them, too.

Does your husband have friends? Do you wish he had more?


Image via Tony Alter/Flickr

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