Man’s Chilly Marriage Proposal Is One His Fiancee Won’t Forget

Ah, remember the days when a man would take you out for a fancy dinner and a show, walk you through a lovely park, get on one knee and propose, and that was that? Well, not these days, my friends. These days, it's got to be something social media worthy. Like the dude who pretended the plane he was flying in with his girlfriend was about to crash -- just kidding! Will you marry me? Rebecca Yale's future brother-in-law took it even further. Well, location-wise he did. Rhys proposed to Rebecca's sister in Antarctica, which just recorded the unofficial coldest temperature ever at 135.8°F below zero!


Rebecca, a professional photographer, says that last December, she and her family took a trip to the coldest place on Earth when Rhys knocked on Rebecca's igloo (kidding, not sure if they were in an igloo) and asked her to accompany him and her sister on a hike.

The look on his face let her know what was up -- Rhys was going to propose. And he wanted Rebecca to capture the chilly moment on camera.

OMG, it was so romantic. Rebecca says that the moment went something like this:

Rhys: Would you -- b-b-buhh -- buhh --

Elizabeth: I know what you -- uhh -- huh-huh-huhhh

Rhys: Buh-buh --

Elizabeth: Huh -- buh -- buh --

Which was good enough for Rhys, who sank to his knees and took out the ring. There were even a few witnesses nearby -- penguins. Who were all, "What are these dumb humans doing out here in this damn cold?"

Seriously, though, the real version, which Elizabeth recounts, doesn't sound that different. She writes in The Huffington Post:

As we reached a look out point, he stopped us and wrapped me in his arms and started telling me how much he loved me. My immediate response was -- what do you want??? It's freezing! He was fishing around in his jacket pocket for a tissue because his eyes were watering from the wind (I was really not catching on at this point). But then he got down on one knee and instead of a tissue, out came the ring box! I was so shocked I couldn't believe the moment was happening. When he asked me to marry him, I lunged, literally tackling him into the snow.

Awww, that's pretty sweet. And definitely something she won't forget. Because you totally don't forget when your blood has frozen in your veins.

Here's hoping they hit Bali for the honeymoon.

Would you want a proposal somewhere this cold?


Image via Rebecca Yale/Instagram

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