6 Ways Men Tell Their Wives They Love Them Without Actually Saying the Words

I love youSome men are very effusive with their language. They write poetry and sing songs and profess their love with words all the time. Those men, it seems, are few and far between. That's not to say that men aren't loving. On the contrary. They are. And how. But for many men, expressing love isn't something that is done with words.

I know in my own life, my husband says I love you unprompted pretty rarely. Sure, there is a lot of "I love you, too" and he always says it before he gets onto a plane for a business trip or sometimes in the heat of passion. But as a person who says I love you about 25 times an hour to my children, husband, and extended family, it's a little odd. And yet it doesn't bother me that much.


Because he tells me he loves me in about a million different ways every single day. I asked around and got some various responses from people on how their own spouses "say" that they love them without a word. See below:


1.) Small surprises: One friend's husband will come home from work early without calling her ahead of time (she works from home) and text "surprise" before showing up at the back door. An afternoon alone, even while working, is always a welcome surprise.

2.) Thoughtful gifts: I am not one who goes for big diamonds or watches or really "gifts" at all. But when my husband was at a Brooklyn flea market one day and picked up a necklace that "made him think of me," or when he brings home a book he thinks I would like, or when he bought me a massage because my back hurt, those are the kinds of things that tell me he loves me.

3.) Calling to check in: My husband is a pretty focused worker. When he is at the office, he can really go all day without thinking about much of anything but work. The fact that he takes time out of each day just to check in with me and see how things are always tells me he loves me and is thinking of me.

4.) Taking the kids: Yes, "family time" is amazing, but sometimes mama just needs a rest day. A lot of friends said the most loving thing their husband does is leave them alone for a few hours with only their tea and a book. Bliss. Love.

5.) With affection: My spouse isn't a "word" kind of guy, but he is an action one. He'll reach for my hand while we are walking down the street or kiss me good-bye or hello when he leaves or returns from work. He wants to cuddle and kiss and hugs me all the time. These acts of affection always tell me he wants me close.

6.) Doing things around the house: Oh, I know it's a cliche and we all should be pitching in anyway just to keep our house running. But when my husband goes outside to salt the stairs because he is worried I will slip walking out of them, or when he changes light bulbs before I get home because he knows my pet peeve is a light being out, I know he is thinking of me first.

What things does your husband do that say he loves you?


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