Breaking Up Is Hard to Do -- Especially When You Don't Know Each Other!

Breakups are hard. Really hard. But that's because you were with someone you loved, someone you cared about, someone you imagined a future with. But sometimes breakups with people you don't even know can be just as difficult. It shouldn't be that way, of course, but some people's idea of a "relationship" is a tad CRAY. Lately, I've heard stories about friends who date someone once, maybe twice, or they don't even get to the first date yet -- and suddenly there's this huge, gut-wrenching, embarrassing, painful, acrimonious "breakup" to deal with. WTF? Here are 7 "breakups" that never should have happened.


- I met this guy at a speed dating event and he got my email from the person who set it up. He emailed me a few times, but I wasn't interested, so I just ignored him. He began getting more and more irate each time he emailed me, demanding that I answer him and calling me "rude." I didn't even know him so I didn't feel I had to answer him. His last email was: "YOU ARE A PIECE OF GARBAGE ... I asked you nicely, and you ignored me, and that's rude. You need to learn how to behave." Gee, wonder why women don't respond to him.

- I had just met this guy and we'd exchanged a few text messages, that's it. Then I got super busy at work and wasn't able to respond to him a few times. He texted: "If we're going to make this relationship work, you've got to make time for me." We weren't in a relationship!

- When I lived in L.A. briefly, I went on maybe TWO dates with a guy who claimed to be a "producer" (of what? Ugh, Hollywood!) who was ridiculously cheap (the check sat between us for an hour before I said maybe I should get some cash and he was like, "OK, there's an ATM a block away."). He was rude, unchivalrous, etc. Anyway, I think he thought we were much more serious than we were -- even after just two dates -- and tried to get in touch with me when we were both in Florida over the holidays, and I didn't answer his calls. I just blew him off, hoping he would get the idea ... and I felt that was totally legit, especially given his behavior! And he ended up leaving me a really nasty voicemail, ranting and raving about how I could've just been honest with him and I led him on and blahblahblah.

- I met a guy through a mutual friend. We went on one date, and I knew within the first 20 minutes of dinner that this guy was not for me. Still, I was polite since he was such a gentleman and there was no need to be rude. Over the next few days he would text me randomly, send me photos, and I was very short with him. He asked me to go on another date, but I told him I was going out of town. I started to realize he was not getting my hints, so I told him I'm not looking for a relationship and that I'm "really bad with this sort of thing." His response? Not only did he say he was totally blindsided, he said, "You're really bad at it? So that means you don't TRY?" He said it would take "a while" for him to get over me, and at that point we had only known each other about a week and a half.

- In college, there was a girl I had become friends with since we took the same lit class. One day, she said, "We have to talk" and I'm like, "About what?" She asked me to go for a walk, and I went, still confused what she wanted to "talk" about. Suddenly she got all teary-eyed and was whimpering and said we needed to "discuss our relationship." I still remember the tears, the sobs. I'd never once even kissed her or dated her!

- I went out with a guy one time, and the date was nice. I agreed to go out with him again. The second date, he blew me off. Just didn't show up. He called the next day and told me he was in the hospital all night. There were a couple of major holes in his story, so I just told him I would think about things and politely ended the call. The next day, I got a 5,000-word email from him, saying how we were "soul mates" and he "wasn't going to give up on 'us'" and that he would wander around my neighborhood looking for me! It was like an email you'd send to a woman you'd been married to for years and had kids with.

- I had a couple of dates with a girl and then we mutually decided we'd be better off as friends. A few months later, she invited me out for a drink, so I went. Then she told me she wanted to start dating again. I said I thought we'd still be better as friends. She absolutely blew up at me and stormed out.

- I emailed a guy on a dating site but since he was allergic to animals and I have cats and a dog, we agreed we'd be friends. We went out as friends twice. After the second time, I got an email with him saying he didn't think we "had enough in common" to be friends. I didn't think friends got breakup emails!

Yikes, people. Listen, a couple of dates or emails do NOT mean you are in a relationship and deserve some kind of big emotional scene. If you find yourself acting this way after a date or two, or even just a couple of emails, that's a big clue as to why you're still single.

Have you ever had to "break up" with someone you hardly knew?

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