12 Stupid Things Men Do That Always Lead to an Argument

britney spearsDuring an interview on Ellen, Britney Spears revealed the details of her first big fight with boyfriend David Lucado. The "tiffy," which the singer called it, started after he failed to call her back for six hours. I am sure lots of women can understand why Brit was so irritated. When we call our boyfriends, husbands, or even just some guy we've had a few dates with, we expect an immediate call back. It should have taken him an hour at most to respond. But guys just don't see things the same way -- and not just when it comes to returning messages. Take a look at other annoying things our men do to make us lose it.

  1. Won’t admit they are wrong.
  2. Won’t help out with a chore, even though we clearly need a helping hand.
  3. Undermines your authority with the kids. You give them a time-out but he, in his attempt to be the “cool parent,” lets them off!
  4. Takes his mom's side every time you disagree with her.
  5. Doesn’t call to say he’s running late when you’ve slaved over a perfect dinner.
  6. Takes hours to call you back or forgets to do it at all.
  7. Expects you to pick up his mess. 
  8. Acts like a big baby when he is sick. Actually, he acts worse than your toddler when he has a cold.
  9. Leaves his dishes everywhere but the kitchen sink.
  10. Is condescending.
  11. Puts his needs first -- ALL THE TIME.
  12. Asking if it's "that time of the month" when you are clearly mad. 

What other things do men do that spark an argument?

Check out Britney's interview with Ellen:


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