Ridiculously Hot Medalist Diver Tom Daley Comes Out as Bisexual (VIDEO)

tom daleyToday's hot celeb news had a lot of men around the world cheering. Olympic diver Tom Daley came out ... as bisexual. In a YouTube video (the better to see what this British hottie has to offer), Daley announced that he's dating another man, and it's making him deliriously happy. However! He's not putting a label on his sexuality just yet. He says he still "fancies girls," so don't count Daley out, ladies.

Yeah, right. You know what I think? Daley be gay, everyone. He just doesn't realize it yet. If life has taught me anything, it's that unlike women, men prefer to pick a side eventually. Maybe it's the pressure men put on each other, who knows? But hey, no hurry! It's Daley's love life, and he can slowly emerge from the closet however he wants to. I mean, there are certain stages to this whole coming-out process for celebs.


Step 1: You're hot. It's not Daley's fault he's so hot. Well, yes it kind of is. Genetics have been kind, but then he had to go and work out a lot and, well, look what happened. Anyway, being hot gives Daley more options than the average Joe. It's only a matter of time before he sees past his female fans and notices there's a sizable crowd of guys lusting after him, too. Hm, interesting ...

tom daley

Step 2: Dipping your toes into the water. I mean, why not? This doesn't mean anything about your identity. You're just young, and you're exploring your options. And let's face it, you've been kind of curious for a while.

tom daley

Step 3: The water feels fiiiiine. Whoa, you kind of like this better than sex with chicks. But you don't want to hurt the ladies' feelings or anything because you're a nice guy. And because you're in a reality TV show and don't want to damage your marketability.

tom daley

Step 4: Make a splash. In these modern times it's impossible to keep a secret, so you might as well come out. All it takes is a simple YouTube video and you can put it all in your words in your context. As a result, Neil Patrick Harris makes you blush.

Step 5: Dive into the deep end. You revisit those words, "right now I'm dating a man and I couldn't be happier." You realize that if you never had sex with another woman ever again, you would be totally okay with that. Just because you recognize that women can be sexy doesn't mean that's your strongest preference. And then it hits you: You're not bi, you're gay. Woohoo! You're officially a member of the club.

tom daley

Do you think men can be bisexual, or are "bisexual" men just gay men in process?


Image via Tom Daley/YouTube

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