Man's Flier for 'Lost Girlfriend' Scarlett Johansson Is Brilliantly Played

lost girlfriend flierSome people look for love in bars or supermarkets. Others go to online dating sites. One guy kicked it totally old school and posted a flier looking for his "lost" girlfriend. That lost girlfriend is Scarlett Johansson. Of course he didn't lose her -- he's looking for someone just like her. (Like many men.) 

We're all thinking hahahahaha, but really this may be one of the smartest moves a guy can do. For one very simple but underrated reason.


He's making us laugh. I bet if ScarJo sees this, she's laughing. I'd bet that perhaps it even crossed Scarlett's mind what this clever Australian looks like -- if she saw this. (The Aussies are generally speaking very good looking men ... at least if we look at Keith Urban, Hugh Jackman, the Hemsworth brothers ... I can go on.) Sure, Scarlett's engaged to a French guy, but you never know and you cannot blame a guy for trying. Men who try hard for things ... sexy. This dude got creative. It's clear that some people took one of his phone number tags. Others probably jotted down the digits and may be considering calling. He's looking for love, maybe someone else looking for the same who is similar to ScarJo will reach out and a love match will be made.

Lost girlfriends can be found with fliers. Puppies get reunited with their families in this same way all the time. As do missing mittens and you'll find out who the best good Samaritans are if the item missing is valuable and returned. This guy is putting forth a valiant effort to win over his lady love. I think it's well played.

Would you ever call if you saw a flier like this to inquire about a potential date?


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