Couple Married 81 Years Reveal Simple Secret to a Long Marriage (VIDEO)

In case you're wondering what the secret to a long marriage is, wonder no more. America's longest married couple, who tied the knot 81 years ago, and have five children and 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, have the key to wedded bliss. And I think it's already one we all suspected deep down. Oh hell, we all KNEW it. It's got nothing to do with keeping the sex spicy or the dinner hot or the children quiet or the anti-depressants nearby (though those things don't hurt). It's the only thing that makes sense! Says 102-year-old John Betar: "The key is to always agree with your wife." Amen, brother!


John's theory actually makes a lot of sense. One study says that argumentative women are more likely to get divorced. But if you're always agreeing with your wife, she's got no reason to argue with you, right? Agree with me!!

It all goes back to the maxim "Happy wife, happy life." So keep her happy by not arguing with her, 'kay?

John and his always-right wife, 98-year-old Ann, almost didn't get married. Ann's parents were set to marry her off to a much older man when she was 17. But she wanted the boy across the street, John. So the two eloped.

The family was outraged, but Ann's aunt consoled her father by telling him not to worry, that the marriage would never last. Of course, she was so wrong. Because she didn't realize that John had the magic "agree with whatever my wife says" superpowers. She had no idea that Ann had just married a man who could go 81 years without ever once disagreeing with his better half. She had no idea, in other words, that John is the smartest man on the planet.

One thing is for sure, these two whippernsappers don't look a day over 80. I guess a happy marriage really does keep you young.

What's the longest marriage in your family? What do you think the secret to a long marriage is?


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