Hotter Wives Have Happier Husbands

loveIt's now a scientific fact that men with super hot wives are happier in their marriages. My first thought when I heard this was that this is just blatant sexism masked as science. Then after the Gloria Steinem in me calmed down, I had to admit, it's probably true. What guy wouldn't be overjoyed at the thought of waking up next to Kate Upton or Jessica Alba every day. And then I thought what's good for the goose is most definitely good for the gander. I mean, this theory can surely be applied to women too.


It must go both ways. I bet women lucky enough to marry an Idris Elba and David Beckham look-alike are over the moon too! The study involved 450 newlywed couples over a four-year period and aimed to answer one question: does a good-looking spouse lead to a more satisfying union?

What they found was that looks matter more to men than women. Basically, men are superficial but we ladies don't care if you look like Quasimodo. Hmm. Sorry science guys, I'm calling bull s**t on that. I think that it is just as important to women -- but that is not all that is important to us. We want to be loved, respected, and doted on too. Who says we don't want all those attributes in a super-hot package?

Though, for a lot of women, deep pockets can certainly make up for an ugly mug. LOL. You know I'm right. But it would be wrong of me to say that men didn't go in search of sugar mamas too. I know plenty of guys who are trying to score their own Oprah.

Plus, I don't buy this "hot wife, better life" theory for another reason. No matter what your wife looks like, if she's not happy, you are NEVER going to be happy either. And what happens as she ages and her beauty fades? Is that when marital misery sets in? I'd like to think that all men aren't that shallow.

Do you think men and woman are both happier with hotter spouses?

Image via srslyguys/Flickr

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