Women Finally Called Out as the 'Jerks' We Are in Bars (VIDEO)

girls are assholes screenshotThe next big viral video in the same vein as "Sh*t Girls Say" is here. This time, it's a series called "Girls Are Assholes." Yup, super-classy title. But hold up, you might wanna reserve some of that eye rolling for what's to follow.

There are a couple of episodes so far, but the clip making its way like wildfire all over the web takes place in a bar and features a woman being hit on by Fawning Guy in a Hoodie, whom she deems a "creep." Then comes a suited-up player doing his best impression of Ryan Gosling's character in Crazy Stupid Love. Actually, whoever penned the script for the clip may have been thinking about Fifty Shades of Grey, because it's classic Jose vs. Christian Grey. Or Jacob vs. Edward, Pacey vs. Dawson, Brandon vs. Dylan, etc. You know, the stale goodie-two-shoes guy vs. bad boy trope.

Except this time, when the girl passes on the nice guy and goes home with the actual creep, she's an "asshole."

Check it out ...



Okay, so sure, you can't help but smirk when she goes crazy for her sketchy suitor even while he's revealing himself to be a total stalker and weirdo. Because yep, it's true that whilst blindsided by lust and physical attraction, ANYONE might overlook some obvious red flags. But another reality this doesn't seem to acknowledge is that even if Guy #2 was a real douche, he was also 1,000 times more confident in his approach than Too Nice Hoodie Dude! He was even more pulled-together/appropriately-dressed, which, at least in this context, matters.

There are a lot of reasons women may choose a Dylan McKay over a Brandon Walsh (my dated reference of choice), but CONFIDENCE is one of the hugest factors. I'd bet good money that most (grown-up, relationship-seeking) women would gladly give a nice guy who is also extremely confident and charismatic a shot! And I'd even argue that's what we do ultimately want. Same is true when it comes to what men want in women, no?

That said, it seems petty, ignorant, and borderline misogynistic to blame women alone for passing on someone "nice" and falling for a "hot" jerk. This sketch fails to acknowledge how lots of single people, on both sides of the equation, can be short-sighted, horny, vapid assholes. Not just women.

What's your reaction to this sketch? Are you guilty of always going for the bad boy?


Image via NOKAT Comedy/YouTube

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