Groom Ditches Bride on Wedding Day & She Marries Guest Instead

brideSo this may not have been the happy ending anyone invited to the wedding envisioned, but it's a happy ending nonetheless. A woman was all set to marry the man of her dreams and, like a scene out of a bad romantic comedy, the dude bolts. So what's a devastated bride to do? Well, why not marry some other guy in attendance. Huh? What?


The trouble began the night before the scheduled nuptials in India. The bride's family learned that no one knew where the groom was. Needless to say, the s**t hit the fan. Not only did they worry about the girl's broken heart, they also feared this would ruin her chances of finding love again. We all know there is a stigma attached to someone who is left at the altar. That kind of romantic bad luck will set tongues wagging for years to come.

But fortunately for this girl, someone else stepped in. A guest and relative of the bride volunteered to marry her instead. (Presumably this was a very, very distant relative.) Because of this 11th-hour stand-in, the wedding went on as scheduled.

So, there are definitely some crazy elements to this story. I can't imagine some random relative agreeing to marry me if I were a jilted bride -- nor would I want any one of them to. Gross. But let's just consider the idea of having a backup groom for a minute. If only such a thing existed. It would be the ultimate Plan B. Just think about it: the supposed man of your dreams abandons you at the altar. That's a humiliating turn of events by anyone's standards. But what if there was a runner-up? Perhaps an old boyfriend who always had marriage potential or a good friend who would make the perfect mate. I am sure a lot of abandoned brides would have appreciated the chance to save face.

What would you do if your man left you at the altar?


Image via Monstrue/Flickr

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